Strange CAPTCHA's

When you enter a comment on the Shark Tank, you are required to enter a CAPTCHA text to verify that the writer is the writer. Here are a few weird ones.

It looks Greek to me...

No Habla Espaņol.

I wonder how the Miller family of Brookline, Massachusetts feels about this one... 

Geez... even CAPTCHAs have footnotes!!!

How many keyboards do you need to type this one?

OK - where is the Pi symbol on the keyboard? (Alt-227 doesn't cut it)

This one is beyond my one year of college German.

Now,  what the heck is that second word???


I had to turn my monitor sideways to enter this one...

Trapper John tells me this is Urdu. Still kinda hard to type on a QWERTY keyboard.

ALRIGHT!!!! Who scanned the book in upside-down?!?

All I can make out of the second word is a lo-res graphic of a dog... 

Remember the old upper level ASCII box drawing characters? 

Someone spilled coffee on this one...