July 27 - 31, 2015

July 31, 2015 - How to change managers, the government-project way

This guy's boss should be quickly deep-sixed.
Yearly, project's name always gets nixed.
Seems he wasn't that bright.
Says the comic Ron White,
There's just some folks that cannot be fixed.

July 30, 2015 - When policy meets practice, you know who wins

With new access points, it really suct.
With no POE, is our group fuct?
Here's a fix for our glitch:
Wrap each power strip switch
With a tape that you'd use on a duct.

July 29, 2015 - Hey, he was gonna fix it in version 1.01...

This guy's good in the Cobol code game?
His reports all go down in bright flames!
All his code we should nix!
What's an easier fix?
Make sure each day's exactly the same!

July 28, 2015 - You get what you measure. Guess what we measure?

To the help desk, I went well-equipped.
"There's no way it's the firewall!" I flipped!
It's my password that's hosed?
I'm not sure what he knows,
Guess he couldn't go off from his script.

July 27, 2015 - Right idea, wrong beep

There's a UPS problem here. *beep*
Checking records, we still heard that *beep*
"UPS? It's your phone!"
Then the user did moan,
"It's my cell phone? Well, son of a *beep*!"