May 11 - 15, 2015

May 15, 2015 - Because that's the way we do it, that's why

To this edict, they chanted "Amen!"
'Twas repeated again and again.
All the peons must think
What will work is the ink
Of the sacred and blessed purple pen.

May 14, 2015 - There ARE worse ways to hear from the FBI at 1 AM

In my business, I don't like to brag.
There's a call. I've got this in the bag!
What's this FBI deal?
How to tell if it's real:
You'd see J. Edgar Hoover in drag.

May 13, 2015 - OK, try this one: Who's buried in Grant's Tomb?

Fix my password now, fish! Make it snappy!
But the answers she gave were all crappy.
Since each question was missed,
The fish knew she was pist,
But at least our security's happy!

May 12, 2015 - Timing is everything

"There's a problem!" the user would cry.
"Your new change isn't working now! Why?"
All the dates he would show
Were all one month ago.
Was the user's name Marty McFly?


On this day, poets all seem quite cheery.
Writing lim'ricks we're never too weary.
We will go on our way
Writing poems every day.
Though we're brave, there are times we're quite

Edward Lear
Born: May 12, 1812, Holloway, London
Died: January 29, 1888 Sanremo

May 11, 2015 - Yeah, that's some sort of error, all right

Restore files? That user was messin'
Where she shouldn't, the fish was a-guessin'.
Do a system restore?!?
There is one thing for sure,
Where they're kept she was taught in my lesson.