September 15 - 19, 2014

September 19, 2014 - Quick and easy, redefined

Just a download? That be just a joke!
Bad that scurvy dog 'bout me had spoke,
For me job, he'd not thank?
He'd be walkin' the plank.
ARRR at least I would keelhaul the bloke!

September 18, 2014 - On the other hand, it survived Y2k just fine

In the first six months, everyone fears
That's when many a problem appears.
I must say that I'm shocked!
Yes, this system sure rocked
Since they've used it some twenty two years!

September 17, 2014 - Disaster. Recovery. Just like the name says...

Laptop problems? Support will admit'm.
That darned boss of my boss? "JIM" would fit'm.
In an email, he'd claim
That the driver's to blame.
That's the club I'd be using to hit'm.

September 16, 2014 - Unclear on the Y2k concept, but taking no chances

In the Air Force, you can't be defiant.
There's a list we were given - a giant!
With each order, we moved.
Y2K's here. We've proved
Every Band-aid we've got is compliant.

September 15, 2014 - Really, just a Post-It note would have worked fine

e're replacing this guy with another.
Laptop's camera? The thing's like no other.
It was covered with paint.
Will it come off? It ain't.
Seems he thought that his boss was Big Brother.