August 4 - 8, 2014

August 8, 2014 - How not to save money, Christmas-in-August edition

During Christmas, our A.C. was waived.
"Now we're flooded!" our pilot fish raved.
There's a state of distress,
And the center's a mess,
But just think of the money it saved!

August 7, 2014 - Sounds like a blueprint for disaster, all right

Offsite backups? This task I won't shun.
What the suits said - support I got none.
They all asked me, "What for?
We've no fires before."
A disaster would only take one.

Did they party and now they're still groggy?
Seems their thinking was ever so foggy.
"Use that room down the hall."
Can I just tell them all
That the tapes will be melted or soggy.

August 6, 2014 - Patching the patch for the patch for the patch...

Though the patch that's the problem ain't mine,
I must still hear the users all whine.
"But I dialed a one!"
What was causing this fun?
Number nine...number nine...number nine.

August 5, 2014 - Like he said, he didn't see it

The sent Joinme code can not be seen?
Now, I really don't want to sound mean,
But I can not deny
That this sounds like a guy
Who'd have Wite-Out all over his screen.

August 4, 2014 - Relax, it doesn't work that way -- yet

Said the user to me in the foyer,
"Kill that locate, or I'll call my lawyer."
Why's this user so hot?
Seems her note her boss got
Came from Moanique and Babmbi's employer.