December 2 - 6, 2013

December 6, 2013 - What a remarkable, um, coincidence

"Hey! The internet's down!" users moan.
So six hours I spent on the phone.
"They're not ours!" "Yes, they are!"
Placed an order. Bizarre -
All the new ones we got were our own.

December 5, 2013 - And why would IT need to know about damage to IT?

When the orders would go unfulfilled,
The director, the fish really grilled.
Need to know? What the hey?!?
Was this guy CIA?
He could tell, then I'd have to be killed.

December 4, 2013 - Good thing the security guy was right there, huh?

"Watch the database crash!" we would call.
Now Security's taking the fall.
Just one keystroke was used.
But some DBA's mused
They've known some that took no strokes at all.

December 3, 2013 - Did you at least recycle them?

What those stickers meant, techies had known.
"They've removed them? Our system is blown!
No, the box isn't green!
That is not what they mean
We should put on them 'Leaf Me Alone.'"

December 2, 2013 - Munch munch munch

Was the prof doing some marijuana?
Was the research he'd done now a gonna?
"Both the wall and PC
Are plugged in, don't you see?"
But the middle's inside your iguana.