June 24 - 28, 2013

June 27, 2013 - IT that counts

We all signed on the sheet. That was true
When the training was finally through.
"One forgot!" the boss claims
While he's counting the names.
Boss, the one that is missing is you!

June 26, 2013 - See how easy an update can be?

While I'm getting their database back,
There's a user a little off track.
She'd say "Hitting the X"
And I'd wonder what's next:
Did she give her old husband a whack?

June 25, 2013 - Never thought about it that way, but true enough

This new Smartphone, it sure makes me smile!
Though to learn it, it might take a while.
I have no clue at all
When I'm making a call.
Tell me: where is the rotary dial?

June 24, 2013 - At least he really did like the idea

That one user was sure not a fool.
Made a notepad that looks really cool!
What would we really hate?
It'd be him staying late
Making pads for his children for school.