March 18 - 22, 2013

March 22, 2013 - Not that YOU'D ever do anything like that...

She thought things couldn't get any queerer.
But to me, while I checked it got clearer.
While I tried not to say
How her files went away,
Bet her culprit, she'd find in a mirror.

March 21, 2013 - Yeah, I'd take that bet too

When I said to the techie, "Hello!
Were the server bugs fixed? How'd it go?"
He must think there's a spy
When he gave his reply,
Since the first thing he said's "How'd you know?"

March 20, 2013 - Whatever can go wrong...

Once the job's done that I was assigned,
A new hard drive I simply must find.
There's a crash on that day.
"That's not strange," you might say.
But this one's of the GMC kind.

March 19, 2013 - Let there be...dark

With dark hearings, we're really behind.
A solution we're trying to find.
"It's this sensor," they scoff,"
That will turn the lights off."
Those are hearings that should be called blinds.

March 18, 2013 - No no, that's COMPLETELY coincidental

While in full-screen, this new mode will go
So your PC won't run very slow.
It's for staying alive
While in GTA 5,
Not for playing a Powerpoint show.