October 29 - November 2, 2012

November 2, 2012 - The hole truth

“We need help here. Please don’t disappoint.
All the screens have got holes in this joint.”
What I saw was no joke.
With a pencil, they'd poke
Through the anti-glare film. Get the point?

November 1, 2012 - For an obfuscated password, not bad at all

She can’t log in. Now what can it be?
“It’s a capitol 1. Can’t you see?”
Exclamation point? Hey,
I believe that’s a way
You'd call someone who works in D.C.

October 31, 2012 - Despite all evidence to the contrary

Said the user, "I know what to do
When a cartridge of ink we've gone through.
Since the sensors all stink,
Play the shell game with ink,
Because cyan is really called yellow."

Then, I got a quick response with a challenge: Orange you glad you didn't need to rhyme purple? So I did...

As I sit in my chair decked in purple
There are days that I dream that some twerp'll
Try to give me some grief.
Will they get some relief
In a way passing gas or a burp'll?

And yet another one:

This is pure evidence to the contrary: Garbage in does not uniformly result in garbage out.

Now - if you could do "silver" and "orange" in the same poem then you'd be a shoe-in for poet laureate.

So I came up with:

There's a ballplayer once known as Wilver
Who had trophies all made of pure silver
And a jersey of orange
He'd hang by a door hinge.
His talents most teams would just kill fer.

Trivia question: What baseball Hall-of-Famer had the first name "Wilver?" 

Answer is at the bottom of the page

October 30, 2012 - And THESE are the people who will be doing BYOD?

“There's a glitch in our telephone line.
Check it out!” the executive whined.
When I saw her alone,
She was there on her phone
So I thought everything was just fine.

Then a message came back on my screen:
“It's still hosed! Can you check out the scene?”
It's her cell phone. Her calls
Will not go through at all.
Does she know just what wireless means?

October 29, 2012 - Oh, THAT'LL help!

T’was a drill that our suits all endorsed.
Will the steps we laid out be enforced?
When our message came through,
Others asked themselves, “Who
Gave a gun to the Lone Ranger’s horse?”

As I read it, I started to beam,
While the drill, it just ran like a dream.
T’wasn’t us who it’s for,
But the shortstop of yore
Who had played for the Baltimore team.

Trivia Answer: Willie Stargell