March 19-23, 2012

March 23, 2012 - We'll get right on that, boss

Since our laptops have what we require,
We are working in spite of the fire.
But our own boss' boss
Synched up later because
On the org chart, he's sitting much higher.

March 22, 2012 - Not possible, huh?

The facilities guy tried to show
That the twist-lock plug just will not go.
Since an outage we dread,
Use the vendor instead.
That way they can have all of our “D’oh!”

March 21, 2012 - Because he's always right, right?

Run reports from the net? He’d object!
Then next month my old boss would defect.
Putting people through hell
With each scream and each yell,
The director’s got none to direct.

March 20, 2012 - Timesharing, reinvented

Even though he had looked all around,
A new power supply can't be found.
Some would ask of the guy,
“Share a power supply?”
Well, his reasoning surely was sound...

March 19, 2012 - Just in case I want to argue with myself

'Bout directives, I'm not one to quibble.
"Fix the contact"'s the note that I scribble.
Says the chief, “Let it die.”
Then he wants to know why.
Life is tough when the Big Boss is Sybil...