March 12-16, 2012

March 28, 2012 - After 4 p.m. on Friday, what could go wrong?

There's an upgrade that has to be done,
Lots of programs that have to be run.
Though we tried to prepare
For each bug and each scare,
We had failed to prepare for just one.

For our analyst got the news grim
When that pink slip got handed to him.
What's this cause unforeseen
Of this hitch that's so mean?
It's his boss was a fellow named JIM.

March 15, 2012 - Anyhow, we hope she did

Of the deputy's wants we soon tire.
His demands make us techies perspire.
We all ask, will his name
On his desk stay the same
When his passwords all have to expire?

Yes, he really has caused us all strife.
And we all feel so bad for his wife.
A security breach
Could soon get him impeached.
Was this deputy's name Barney Fife?

March 14, 2012 - How hard could it be?

“I'm so stressed changing batt'ries,” I sob,
“That it's making my head really throb!”
Since the old ones were spent,
My great talents I lent.
Next time, could I passover that job?”

March 13, 2012 - Yeah, that helps a lot

A new system's installed where we are.
One request they made went way too far.
They said timing's askew
If the time's “2:02.”
That's the time that I'm leaving the bar!

March 12, 2012 - First day -- but first, this

A new hire at this one corporation
Was awaiting her orientation.
But she first got a call.
Was this girl on the ball?
Was she going through initiation?