May 30 - June 3, 2011

June 3, 2011 - Oh yeah? Take that!

While the Windows bugs I help to chase,
There’s a guy who’s a posting disgrace.
From his DOS fight,
If we squared off, he might
Just start punching himself in the face.

June 2, 2011 - Hello? Hello?

I had said to the phone techie, “Oh, nuts!
The PA plays those calls, and we go nuts.”
They were forwarded there.
It’s the way they can air
What’s on sale at the town’s Dunkin Donuts.

June 1, 2011 - Ah, the glamorous life of an IT consultant!

All those docs we compose and we edit.
But a tongue-lashing? Boy, do we dread it!
Let the DBA’s in
On our work? It’s a sin
‘Cause that schmuck simply wants all the credit.

May 31, 2011 - Surprise party

“There’s a guy who is leaving us! Lookie!”
Said the company’s management rookie.
There are tasks that are done
That aren’t really much fun.
They’re like riding through Florence with Snooki.

May 30, 2011 - Hey, it WAS still working, right?

“Let’s reimage your laptop, so could
It be sent to us just as it should?”
There’s a latch pin that’s bent
From the way it was sent,
But we know that the battery’s good!