August 16 - 20, 2010

August 20, 2010 - Whatever it takes

I was not getting vibes warm and fuzzy
When I handled the calls about SCSI.
“Let’s run tests on a drive.”
All I got what some jive.
Seems that expert was not much help, was he?

If you haven't done so already, I highly recommend the download on this page: The Best of Shark Tank: A Collection of Real Life IT Tales. When you read it, you will probably see why! (Thanks, Sharky and CW!!!)

August 19, 2010 - Fortunately, this sort of thing could never happen today

As the snow gently fell in the street,
A stopped job made my heart skip a beat.
But the tech left no doubt:
“Console’s paper was out.”
His reply made me feel like sheet.

August 18, 2010 - Is this what they mean by iterative development?

I’ll admit I could not be much bolder
When the suits only gave a cold shoulder.
Here's a system so slick!
There’s an icon they click
That will open their coffee cup holder.

August 17, 2010 - We don't use the big red switch to fix things, either

I did something that wasn’t too smart.
Down the network? Oh, be still my heart!
As I look back, I say
That I’m sure it’s the way
That our friend JIM THE BOSS got his start.

August 16, 2010 - Just asking

Since our fiber line’s running so crappy,
I replaced it to make it more snappy.
“This three seconds,“ one asked,
“Can you make it more fast?”
Man, some users you just can’t make happy.