July 26 - 30, 2010

July 30, 2010 - Great idea -- glad you thought of it

“When I’m posting positions on line
We should link to the job’s page,” I whine.
First the boss told me “No.”
And then said, “Make it go
To the job.” That idea was mine!

July 29, 2010 - No, look, really, BOTHER ME!

The young pilot fish got quite berated
When the node issues all were related.
Should that one PO’d user,
The fish’s abuser,
Take something to get him sedated?

July 28, 2010 - You're not helping, y'know

Once a boss thought he spotted a flaw
In the IT report that he saw.
He had said to me, “Geez,
Are we charged extra fees?”
Does he think we are practicing law?

July 27, 2010 - Out of sight, out of luck

“I got kicked off my box,” I told Bob.
“It was making my head really throb.
'Twas a sysadmin loser
Who made a new user.
But why use my PC?” I sob.

Since I know what the process entails,
I was asking for all the details.
“Well, I thought that you knew.
There’s a real good view
Of this cute little chick that’s in sales.”

July 26, 2010 - Wherefore art thou CIO?

Declared Victor to Mike one day, “Hark,
We’ll use Uniform codes! Let’s embark!”
Should an argument brew
And turn into a feud,
Would it be between Jets and the Sharks?

This one hit on two facets of the story - the first two lines feature three letters in the phonetic alphabet, and the second the link from "Romeo and Juliet" into the musical "West Side Story."