March 1 - 5, 2010

March 5, 2010 - Missed it by THAT much

When I started my job, I said, “Yuck!
It’s so odd that the monitor’s stuck.”
All my tests made it clearer:
They’d broken the mirror,
Explaining their run of bad luck.

March 4, 2010 - Hoarders: special IT edition

There’s no disk space? Now that’s really serious
For the cause is some archives mysterious.
They’re too big. That’s no lie.
He’d be better off by
Toasting all of his spam that’s Nigerious.

March 3, 2010 - Because you just can't be too careful

When I went to the big boss’s digs,
I found apps that were memory pigs.
So I swapped out the stick
And said “That does the trick!
Now your memory’s up to four gigs.”

“Just one thing...” “Sure, I’ll try to appease ya”
“Where’s my files?” “I’m sure this will please ya.
They’re not lost. It’s no risk.
They’re all safe on your disk.
You won’t get electronic amnesia.”

March 2, 2010 - Deploy...what?

“We need updates!” the PHB wails.
I informed him of what it entails.
“Engineers, we don’t need!”
“Yes we do!” I then plead.
Guys like him, you can find down in sales.

March 1, 2010 - Oops!

The mood ‘round the office got steamy
When a boss replied acting so seamy.
He should go take a powder!
We’re not Winfred-Lauder
And talking ‘bout Wick’s aide named Mimi!