November 2 - 6, 2009

November 6, 2009 - Can you hear me now?

In updating each email setting,
With the manager’s test, there’s no sweating.
Sure, he meant to confirm,
But weeks later we squirm.
Makes me wonder what tests he was getting…

November 5, 2009 - Doin' it old-school style

Once a manager said to me, “Golly gee!
There’s a problem with this new technology.
Semicolons translate
Over one twenty-eight.
Should we call someone good in proctology?”

November 4, 2009 - The fobbit

In a Hummer, we drove ‘round a fobbit
When the “enemy” wanted to mob it.
Through an “insurgent’s” boom,
He avoided the doom
Of returning home like John Wayne Bobbitt.

Yes, nothing gets a good laugh like a joke about someone's junk. Two readers commented saying they spewed coffee on their keyboards reading this one!

November 3, 2009 - Never underestimate the power of one rule

A new user received his new box.
A week later, he knocked off my socks.
“Please don’t play with the switch,”
I had said in my pitch,
“There’s less risk of electrical shocks.”

Though they only go in at one angle,
All his PS/2 plugs got quite mangled.
“These darned plugs won’t go in!
So I’ll try them again!”
Some don't work well with stuff that’s new-fangled.

November 2, 2009 - Your tax dollars at work

“Send a picture so we can all use it.
Please use Fedex. Our bosses all choose it.”
Can I ask, “What’s the fate
Of the Post Office state
If our government also eschews it?”