October 19 - 23, 2009

October 23, 2009 - See, we're not the only ones with a culture gap

“We owe money,” their VP admits
And it’s giving our sales rep fits.
PM’s anger’s sky high, since
They’re lacking in license.
They’re running on learner’s permits.

October 22, 2009 - First joker doesn't stand a chance

It’s the best joke I’ve pulled off by far.
“You need printer jam. Go buy a jar.”
You can bet, in their fleet,
That a black and white beetle’s
The business’s company car.

October 21, 2009 - And things were going along so well, too

I was stuck in a heck of a feud
With an IT guy blessed with a tude.
“You can’t load what you need
Without help from IT.”
So I thought to myself, “Boy, I’m screwed!”

Since some data I need to transmit,
For three years, my own laptop just fit.
“You still need to log in
Just to empty that bin.”
I just stood up and told them, “I quit!”

But for three years of not getting mail?
Jim the Boss would sure be on his tail!
If I acted this way,
As the kids say today,
He’d be shouting at me, “Dude, you FAIL!”

October 20, 2009 - Oh, THAT one!

The firm’s network admin took no chances
When he told the group just what his stance is.
"Who among you’s the traitor?"
They found the creator:
T’was really his evil twin Francis.

October 19, 2009 - That's ergonomics!

There’s additional info that’s needed?
Use the wheel on the mouse. That she heeded.
“That mouse ball I’ve been rolling?
You use it for scrolling?”
Apparently that’s not what she did.

She would constantly use it to fidget
When she felt a deep pain in a digit.
“No, it’s used to control
The screen's vertical scroll.”
“Oh, so that’s what it’s for!” What an idget!