July 20 - 24, 2009

July 24, 2009 - With enough help, anything fits

My old boss was a technical bloke.
Well, at least thatís the game that he spoke.
With his new box he tried
His old modem. It died.
It got hot and released magic smoke.

Bonus rhyme:

To the readers who think Iím the bomb:
Next week, Iím in New York to see Mom.
If youíre looking for rhymes,
You can waste lots of time
Surfing O2BIrish.com

July 23, 2009 - And thanks for mentioning that

Said the client, ďI think itís too weird.
At 9:30 the shareís disappeared.
Itís a nuisance infernal.Ē
Could building a kernel
Repair it? Into it, I peered.

Then I called up the other location
And related the sharing frustration.
ďWe reboot it, you know,
At 9:30 or so,Ē
She replied. ĎTwas a huge revelation!

For a year or so I was dismayed,
But at last a solution was made.
It can be such a grind,
But I really donít mind
Just as long as I always get paid.

July 22, 2009 - Which pretty much explains why he didnít mention it

The young engineer threw quite a fit,
Since his laptopís dead. He wonít admit
That the thing wonít turn on
Since it fell in the john.
Iím just glad itís not covered in Ö wellÖ how can I get this past the spam filterÖ hmmmÖ you know what I mean.

It is always interesting when I post an anti-limerick. Readers will think that I really want to say, in this case, "shit", and try to complete the rhyme for me. I had several try to do that today. One however, did what I was sort of looking for - quoting the chorus to the old Benny Bell song "Shaving Cream." I remember as a high schooler listening to my radio every Sunday night for the Dr. Demento show, where "Shaving Cream" would routinely make the top of the countdown. 

It seems a lot of other Tank readers remember the good Doctor too - one said he spent $100 for music he ordered from the drdemento.com web site because of my mention and link to the Wikipedia page, which linked to his web site. (He also wanted me to reimburse him too...)

One of my favorite artists today is "Weird Al" Yankovic. Dr. Demento would play tapes Al sent in from time to time, and really gave him his start. You can see Dr. Demento in several of his videos (I Lost on Jeopardy, Headline News for example) along with the movie UHF in the audience of Stanley Spadowski's Clubhouse.

Dr. Demento, we remember you fondly!

July 21, 2009 - Gee, this printer smells ... pretty!

When the printer was jammed up one day,
I detected a fragrant bouquet.
To get rid of a squeak,
Their technique was unique:
They used lotion thatís made by Olay.

Bonus rhyme:

Through these stories of users that blundered,
Thereís a question that some may have wondered.
Thereís a sense of elation:
Itís my estimation
This entry is limírick two hundred!

July 20, 2009 - Hot idea

In a town where the heat is so cruel,
Your own Frigidaire is quite a tool.
When a PC gets froze,
In the fridge the thing goes,
Itís unfrozen by making it cool.