Week of February 23 - 27, 2009

February 27, 2009 - The hoarse whisperer

The boss’s Type A personality
Left staff with a worn-out mentality.
Although very anal,
Again and again, he’ll
Be lacking in his punctuality.

‘Til one day he met with his staff.
One tech made remarks on this gaffe.
Should they have been nixed?
No way. Things were fixed
By comments that made us all laugh.

February 26, 2009 - Gee, thanks

When the PDC died, it was scary,
Since the help desk tech acted contrary.
But there’s hope for her still.
Here’s a job she can fill:
That of government press secretary.\

February 25, 2009 - Now STOP that!

When the user who questions the most
Would approach, I became quite a ghost.
"I would pick up the phone,
Soon the coop I'll have flown.
It's this talent I have," I would boast.

I wrote this one first - rather critical of the attitude of the fish. I thought that was out of character for the normal O2BIrish Shark Tank limericks so I didn't run it:

The fish bid Mrs. X an adieu,
And his co-workers' anger would brew.
Though it really was funny,
Will he get more money
Next time in his yearly review?

February 24, 2009 - Maybe he just can't imagine working without a net

When the network switch went on the fritz,
It gave students and faculty fits.
But I couldn’t prepare
For the cold, icy stare
From the network admin’s verbal blitz.

But I answered back to this big meanie.
“How’d I talk to the net? By a genie?”
Still I made it quite clear,
My box won’t disappear.
What’d he think that my name was? Houdini?

February 23, 2009 - Scope creep

This new slick methodology’s job
Was to manage the work for the mob.
Since the name’s now taboo,
We should name it anew:
Something nicer, like “Microsoft Bob.”

Today was an interesting day in the tank - if it wasn't for JTB and O2B, there would have been no comments at all, and I was the only one of the entire bunch that was actually about the Tank's daily topic! I was actually not sure how this one would be received, so much to the point that I started another limerick and then went back to posting this one.

I was really pleased when I started getting positive comments about this one, harking back to the gigantic flop that was known as "Microsoft Bob." I personally have never used this classic piece of software (or something else with the initials of P.O.S. as one poster today called it), but its reputation is non-the-less firm in my mental file of otherwise useless information.