Week of February 9 - 13, 2009

February 13, 2009 - You are in a maze of twisty little policies...

The executive got us all riled
When his policy guidelines were filed.
It was quite a teeth clencher
Until an Adventure
Destroyed it all by his own child.

February 12, 2009 - Penny dumb, pound dumber

The expense cuts were happening deep,
For our tools all had prices so steep.
‘Till the okayed expense’ll
Be paper and pencil.
And I thought that MY firm was cheap!!!

February 11, 2009 - It's all in how you ask

In supporting the printing plants Asian,
I had used my best gifts of persuasion
Just to be reimbursed,
But instead I was cursed.
It won't be a part of the equation.

So I said to my manager, “Fine,
I am not one predestined to whine.”
But I no longer hurt,
For I’m getting a shirt!
Yes, indeedy! This story is mine!!!

Yes, this story is indeed mine! This happened at my previous job that I started about five years ago. When I found they wanted me to support these Asian  plants, I asked if the company would reimburse me for using my equipment and connection. My previous employer gave it to me without even asking, so why not? I was told flat out that the president would never go for reimbursing me, and I left it at that. Then in late 2006 when I found out that my manager's assistant was getting her home internet paid for by the company (and she did not have to support production for Asia like I did), I pressed the issue. 

I submitted this on January 27th in response to Sharky's plea for new stories. When I loaded up the Tank this morning and saw it was my story, I immediately emailed Jim's Creator - titled the message "Be kind in the tank today" and  my entire message was "Shirt #3!!!" 

He emailed back that he was probably going to recommend that I be FRIUED, but I really like the angle he wound up using in his response with Vegas and a naked dancing Wayne Newton. (Not the visual, personally, but the comedy content!) I told him I was working on the day's rhyme, stating that is was weird to be writing in the first person actually about me. He suggested I put the fact in the poem that it was my story. Between JTB and me, I think we both had a pretty good day in the Tank.

I smiled at the one post today from textechgeek complementing both JTB and me for our commentary today. Little did he know how much teamwork was involved in our posts.

And...this is my third shirt - my first was for September 12, 2008 (the company president who burned up the computer), and CW was nice enough to send me a shirt for "The Day Before Christmas."

Wayne Newton the way we prefer to think of him.

February 10, 2009 - Also, a stitch in time may save your job

The complaints I sent were very thorough,
The director’s jab made my brows furrow.
He said I could be fired.
He’d wished he have hired
That cowboy that comes from Marlboro.

February 9, 2009 - It worked!

Though appealing to all in the room,
A new policy brought us all gloom.
It was meant to require us
To load anti-virus.
We're better off loading up Doom.