January 5 - 9, 2009

January 9, 2009 - Just think of it as good exercise

The security teams he's alerting.
Nightly uploading jobs has him hurting.
The replies make him sob.
They all say "Not my job."
So is this what is known as hoop skirting?

January 8, 2009 - Good choice

T’was a plan and I aimed to pursue it.
But my boss only served to pooh-pooh it.
I could process the data.
He said “See ya lata,
I’ve got my assistant to do it.”

January 7, 2009 - Hey, if it works, it works!

Though improving the office aesthetic,
There were problems with lim’ricks magnetic.
It would just be their luck.
When their product was stuck
On their PC’s, they ran so pathetic.

January 6, 2009 - No good deed goes unpunished

I had run a new monitor script
For the server whose function had slipped.
Did they take it in stride
That their programs had died?
Said the other teams, “Damn, I’ll be dipped!”

January 5, 2009 - Also, she just may know what her problem is

When the wireless went on the blink,
This one user put up quite a stink.
I had fixed it just right,
But I gave her a slight.
Now she thinks I’m a pig. Do you think?