Greensboro, NC News & Record "The Joke's On You" Contest


July 24, 2020

July 17, 2020

He does remind me of John Cleese’s Norwegian Blue too.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

English has quite a way with its words.
Say some clerks, office workers and nerds:
There are some who relate
That their job's really great,
Others say that their job's for the birds.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

Other Entries
Polly says the snack machine is out of crackers. Again.
Sometimes birds of a feather shouldn’t flock together.
Of course she spends a lot of time on Twitter. We all do.
Watch what you say around him, or you’ll be in diversity training for a month.
I’ll talk to him about using earbuds when he plays his Jimmy Buffet albums.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

July 3, 2020

Maybe they'll have some Grey Poupon in Trenton.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

Hate the British? They had a solution.
They would start up a fierce revolution.
Since they won't take no more,
They would triumph in war,
And create a brand new constitution.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

Other Entries
The GPS said to go this way , so we go this way.
Yes, Irving, we DO have to row to New Jersey!
I'll do anything to not have to spend Christmas with my in-laws!
I can't sit down. Martha starched my breeches.
Ken Sheldon, Elon