Greensboro, NC News & Record "The Joke's On You" Contest


October 19, 2018

October 12, 2018

My potion will be just as good as your moms.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

Drink this and that Eddie Munster won't leave you alone.
Your mom's out helping Marcia, Queen of Diamonds.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

In the sixties, there once was a show
Where an actor's switched. How did it go?
Did Samantha say "Why?
Darren's now a new guy?"
They had hoped that nobody would know.
Ken Sheldon, Elon
(This poem made the paper - I was thinking of something about there being two Dicks (Sargent and York) but didn't think it would make the paper like this one would.)

Other Entry
No, dear, a male witch is a warlock, not a "manwitch."
Ken Sheldon, Elon
(I liked this one...)

October 5, 2018

Hes got your brothers eyes. Really.
Ken Sheldon, Elon

It's a fam'ly that looks really strange.
Frank and bride want a baby. Arranged!
This new babe of used parts
That they love with their hearts,
When it's changed, what they mean is, "It's changed."
Ken Sheldon, Elon

Other Entries
The doctor shouldn't have put a five-year-old's head on an infant.
When is the doctor going to build us a dog?
Imagine how much fun we could have on "Maury!"
Ken Sheldon, Elon