The Joke's On You poem written to celebrate ten years

by Ken Sheldon

An Ode to Ten Years

The last ten years, each Friday I'd find 

A cartoon where my job is assigned.
I would know what to do,
Since it's called "Joke's on You"
It's for readers, the comical kind.

There are scenes where some creatures convene 

In a board room like we've never seen.
There's some times it will host
Some poor monster or ghost
In the month that Tim does Halloween.
I've seen folks from some nursery rhyme.
There were turkeys caught up in a crime.
And I know who'll appear
The last week of each year:
Baby New Year and ol' Father Time.
So that ultimate caption I'd seek.
Some are clever, some others are weak.
There are some who'd prohibit
That vet named Tim Tribbett.
(That guy seems to win every week!)
The next Friday, according to plan.
First that day's News & Record I'll scan.
Every week it's the same:
Can I see there my name?
It's a good week when I say I can.

And I'll check out the newspaper's site.
Every entry's there, some they will cite.
"Someone walks in a bar,"
Entries sent from afar,
And the ones that they think are alright.

I will check the new picture and then,
Take my laptop or paper and pen.
Then as quick as a wink,
Of new captions I'll think.
And the process starts over again.

So in closing, I'm sure that our crew
When new cartoons appear say "Yoo Hoo!"
And this poet says, "Here's
To another ten years
Of the feature we call "Joke's on You!"